Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 8 January 2009

The Groucho Club, in Dean Street, is my actors club.

Bernie makes life sweet, he hugs me in reception and makes me feel like Lisa Minnelli.

I took Pammie and Paul, who are over from new York. I had a coffee they had wine.

We then went to my favourite Chinese restaurant in China town and had 'margerine prawns' which sound offensive but taste divine.

We had a meal for two because the meal for three would have been too much, after which I grabbed a taxi and came home in the fog.

It had been a day of consolidation.

Yesterday I was all over the place. To be honest I haven't really adjusted to being back to work, can't find the perfect route to Leicester Square, can't kick my cold and after my gargantuan Christmas I really need a holiday.

After yesterdays excesses I had to face the music. I really hate criticsim, I hate getting things wrong, I don't like being in the firing line especially when I have brought it all on myself. I feel utterly supported by Lucy, my producer and Chris, my supreme leader. They teach without making me feel completely moronic. When my confidence takes a battering I end up making glaring mistakes that in the cold light of hindsight could have been avoided.

This morning, however, I had a fine chat with Claire in Cardiff, who is introducing me to the world of twits. She is creating my twittering site, which as yet I haven't a clue what it entails, but Claire will get The FAIRFIELD HALL gig on the 26th March, out there in the newest jeni barnett domain.
Brave New World is all I can say.

I'm so congested I cant hear anything which has meant me feeling even more isolated than normal.

Having bashed myself up I'm now having to take stock.

22.18, the old man's watching a sci-fi film and I'm catching up on myself.

I shall have a hot rooibosh tea, write a little then take to my bed.

sleep well tonight and don't let the credit crunch bite....

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1. At January 8, 2009 11:44 PM Shadow wrote:

Happy New Year Jeni, sorry to hear you are not 100% in your health. Have you ever tried Olive Leaf Extract? it is 20 times more powerfull than echnesia. Make sure it is the one from Austrailia and NOT in tablet form the liquid is far better for you.....The Olive Trail sell it. Hope you get better soon, what credit crunch..........

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