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Posted by Jeni in LBC | 5 January 2009

I did not want to go back to work.

Nothing against LBC but my cold meant I was snuffly, headachy and ever so slightly deaf in my left ear

I didn't sleep last night. At 4.00 I was eating a toasted bagel and honey with a mug of relaxing tea c/o Pucca, whilst watching the snow drift on the balcony, the river looked cold.

This morning I had a swift egg-white omlette whilst preparing myself for the walk to Clapham Junction. I could feel the icy wind coming in from Siberia as I neurotically wondered whether the tenuous grip I had on radio broadcasting had slipped through my fingers.

I travelled wearing a short warm jacket, a scarf wrapped round my neck, sox that kept retreating inside my boots and a big shoulder bag which held my earphones, tea bags, tissues, pens, newspapers, lipstick holder and purse. My left hand was freezing as it gripped my telephone and Oyster card wallet.

20 minutes later I arrived wind blushed at Clapham Junction. The gates were open so I didn;'t need to use my Oyster card. Onto platform 10. Waited four minutes and my South Western Train arrived on time ready to deposit me at Waterloo Station.

Less than ten minutes later Waterloo Station - complete with Gap - slid into view. I hopped off and walked smartly to the barrier. My Oyster Card didn't work. I tried another gate, it still didn't work. I asked a guard who sent me back to 'Go' . I asked another guard who started interrogating me about me, my card and my travelling habits. At this point it became quite clear that the world was most definitely not my Oyster....

It came to pass that I could not use my Oyster card on an overground train, that I should have known that and that my abusive behaviour was getting me no where so he slapped a 20 pound fine on me for a 2.50 journey.

Not surprisingly I muttered and chuntered to myself all the way to Leicester Square.

The show came and went, and to my surprise it took less than an hour for me to feel comfortable in the studio, although two weeks is a long time to be away from the control panel.

The journey back to the flat was just as frustrating.

The cold whipping wind to Waterloo. The wrong queue for five minutes. Then nearly 40 minutes in the right queue until I got to the ticket barrier where the Scottish ticket operator with his fingerless gloves, was so dour I had to bend double to read his lips.

In the end I paid 2.50 for a single to the Junction using my debit card. Why? because I had given away all my change to the young man and his dog who were both freezing in the doorway of the station.

It was too cold for me to sort out my two for one travelling card so I paid for milk and ceream, a bag of crisps and some honey with my debit card, yet again, and arrived back at the flat with my wet nose frozen to my scarf.

Jim was in the flat, lovely, Beth arrived much later, we ate left overs cooked up on the stove and a mouthful of apple pie, good conversation and this.

I really want to sleep tonight, wish me luck.

It is the start of another year, and a good one if I have anything to do with it.

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1. At January 6, 2009 11:20 AM Hymie wrote:

A 20 fine! My God, I'd have increased it to 50 and really been abusive....

The joy of January Jeni.

Hope the week gets better for you.

Hymie x

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