Excuses I have not.........

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 16 January 2009

Yes know I should be ashamed of myself.

I have no excuse, well actually I have, my keyboard kept jumping and missing letters, and my frustration level was so I High I wanted to scream

Yesterday morning, whilst the old git was dressing I complained yet again about the useless nature of my keyboard. May I remind you that I have had to paint in the 'N' and 'L' in pearlised nail varnish as I've worn away the letters. Why the 'N' and 'L' should give up the ghost I'llllllllll NNNNNNNNNNNNever Knnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow.

There he was semi naked studying my keyboard when I saw the light bulb ping over his head.

A good old fashioned 60 watt light bulb may I add, anyway he turned the keyboard over, opened a flap and took out two batteries.

He replaced them with two new ones and before you could say will you go and put some underpoants on, I was up and running, well up and typing.

He'll be home soon and then I have to change because we are going to his theatres Christmas do - don't ask.

Last night I finally got a night in,. Cooked for B and him and settled down to watch THE WRESTLER. . Micky Rourke has a vulnerabilty not seen since Marlon Brando's contender. In between chats with the daughter,I tried to watch the Benjamin Button film with Brad Pitt. It's like Im destined not to see it, I have fallen asleep twice now.

Wednesday I sat in row 'J' at the Wyndhams Theatre for TWELFTH NIGHT. I know the theatre well having played in it for 10 months back in the 70.s Its a lovely old theatre, if a little cramped, and the audience are ra ra and rich, they make me all chippy...

I nearly liked it a lot, as it was I like it somewhat. Jacobi was camp, the younger actors were inaudible and mostly slight.

Tuesday night I went to see OLIVER. Look, if QUENTIN LETTS, from the DALY MAIL, gave it 5 stars you can understand why I nearly hated it. Not quite though, the sets were great and the choreographed tableaus were good, but most of the actor/singers were carboard cut-outs and Mr. Atkinson's Fagin was a Jewish Mr. Bean....

On Monday I made supper for a boy in distress, which went on until the wee, small hours...

Last weekend was good and the weekend coming will be better.

The young folk are coming to the cottage with grandaughter and stopping over so that me and the middle daughter can organise the invites for my 600th.....sorry that should read 60th!

Sunday we come back to the flat to face another extrordinarily busy week. Would I like it any other way - nope?

But I must try and find a place to blog. Sorry.

Please blog me back so that I know you haven't deserted me.

AN AUDIENCE WITH JENI BARNETT is on MARCH 26th at the FAIRFIELD HALLS in CROYDON. 7.45 with lots of fun and games as we'll continue celebrating me being an oap

write to me soon.

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1. At January 17, 2009 2:09 AM David Evans wrote:

Batteries indeed - a likely story!

I shall book tickets for your Croydon gig as we enjoyed your first in Catford ( We were in the front row).

Still missing you and Great Food Live though. That other show they've stuck on is looking very 'of it's time' now that the credit crunch is biting. GFL would have adapted with ease to cooking on a budget/articles on frugal kitchens etc, where the new show can never because it's trapped in its 'up market demographic' with vapid presenters.

great to have you back on the blog!

2. At January 17, 2009 9:28 AM chrissie wrote:

Glad you are OK!! Thought you had broken all your fingers!!

We are all still here reading...or wanting to read. You bad girl.

Had flu and a cough over Christmas and New Year. Next came that gastric bug and thats a worry with the gastric bug. Now I have got shingles!! What next?

I am sure lots of us will be with you on 26 March. You will be great!!

Chrissie x

3. At January 17, 2009 9:34 AM rhianon wrote:

Well never desert you, old girl.
You're a bit on the busy side these days, but honestly, as long as we know you're fit and well, and reasonably happy, i'm sure you'll find we're all still here. Whether you blog regularly or in intervals, we're still your army.
All the best.

4. At January 17, 2009 10:24 AM Marmite wrote:

Hey Jeni

Of course we haven't deserted you, I can't say anything I haven't done anything on my blog for ages, it's all in my head, just haven't got around to typing it!

I couldn't get on with Mr Benjamin Button either....

Much love to you and Jim
Marmite xx

5. At January 17, 2009 6:16 PM Tess wrote:

Hi Jeni

Could never desert you !

Please,Please,Please can you come and do a show in West London - Namely the Beck Theatre I am so desperate to come and see you, along with a group of girl friends.

We await your reply !!!

Much love

Tess x

6. At January 18, 2009 12:08 PM June wrote:

Hallo Jeni

I can thoroughly recommend 60 and beyond, if only for the free travel!
If your the type of person who has enjoyed her 40's and 50's you'll know it just keeps on getting better!
I celebrated my 60th for myself AND my mother who didn't reach 60.
So enjoy it all Jeni
Best love

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