2nd broadcast of 2009.

Posted by Jeni in LBC | 6 January 2009

So I pulled my angel car4d and it said FUN.

Have fun

Make fun

Be fun-ny

So I decided that wahtever BR threw at me today I would be kind and generous and have the above mentioned.

Icarried little with, walked to the 170 bus stop, decided to sourt my oyster out first.

Went to the corner shop where Ken, from thh Gugurat sorted me out.

He checked my Oyster, and of course I had money on it even the Scottish scoundrel from Waterloo East said I was out of credit.

Gave me back my card , sent me to Victoria to buy my travel card and laughed that his named rhymed with mine.

I walked, hood up, scarf wrapped, small steps, big smile ( I was having fun )and arrived at the bust stop at 10.13 for the 170.

14 minutes later I was standing at Pedro's window in Victoria underground. Pedro sorted my monthly travel card. Reimbursed me some money ( he was having fun) slagged off South West Trains and the idiots at Waterloo - and then tralked about his mum in Portugal.

When it became clear that I was old enough to be his mother he reminded me that from March onwards I would be officially old and all my fares would be FREE.

Now I really was having fun.

Hymie you made me laugh, you're right 20 quids worth of abuse is not enough I should have really gone for it and bagged a Pony.

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