Random Acts of Kindness Again

Posted by Jeni in LBC | 10 October 2008

I do not like doing the credit crunch, the economy, the wall street crash, or the city shuffle.

I so believe in you reap what you sow that all those predatory speculators deserve evything they get. The problem is innocent people have to suffer their greedy ways.

LBC tell me what to do within reason. I am told I have to be topical, react to the stories that come flying off breaking news, but just sometimes I balk.

I did have a little shout but not enought to wound any body.

I sat down with my cup of 'Clarity' tea....I dont know if you know the PUKKA brand, but their teas really are magnificent. 'Cleanse' has nettle leaf, peppermint leaf, fennel seed, dandelion root, licorice root and aloe vera, how they came up with that combination I don't know but it don't 'alf do the trick for me.

Anyway I settled myself in my seat having done an interview for a magazine, written me bits and eaten a healthy lunch of salad with coleslaw. I am addicted to the LBC coleslaw.

So settled I am and off we go. Talking to an expert in Mental Health - the repercussion of the recession is likely to be depression from repossession, the rhyme is unintentional.

Then an expert about the Icelandic debacle..

Then an expert about the ramifications of George Bush's speech.

I know it is important but it sounds like gobbledegook and I'm tired of listening to language that doesn't really mean anything to me.

In between the minefield of money matters I came across the story on page three of The Evening Standard

32 year old stand-up comedian Tom Wriggleswade, who works a lot at the Comedy Store, took a paper bag from the buffet on a Virgin train and collected 50p's, 1 coins and a wadge of 30, all generously given, until he had 115, which he then gave to the dear 75 year old woman who had got on the wrong train and was being forced to pay up 115 quid for the privilege of travelling from Bolton to London. The Virgin Manager wanted her savings that she had put by for her grandchildren.

The idiot jobsworth bullied her into the transaction. Our young hero collected the money and handed it to her. Understandably she burst into tears. The manager had a go at the boy. Our hero got off at Euston where he was about to be reprimanded for BEGGING!!! Other passengers flocked round him and corroborated his story. When the real police intervened they listened, and without further ado, walked away. Hurrah!

I and thousands of my listeners thought Mr. Wriggleswade a hero, Betty and Joan didn't but they are twisted and bitter.

Ireland, Brazil, North, South, East and West London called in with the most wonderful stories of random acts of kindness. And so be it. We are living in changing times and it's time we changed with it.

Virgin trains are going to have an internal investigation to find out why the manager was such a schmuck.

Well done Virgin, well done Wriggleswade and well done you for making it such a life affirming prgramme.

I'm off now to Arcola Street in Dalston to eat at 'Mangola' the best Turkish in town. After which the old git and myself will cross the road to the Arcola Theatre to watch our mate give us his turn

I haven't seen the 'oosbind for a week so I'll have to give him a kiss and a cuddle. Well you have to don't you otherwise he may just run off with another old age pensioner.

Begging or Random Act of kindness what do you think? Let me know and


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1. At October 10, 2008 6:56 PM chrissie wrote:

Kindness, KINDNESS!!

Life has become so nasty that even acts of kindness are viewed with cynicism. It could put you off!! I know to my cost!

As to the financial crisis. I have just lost my pension. My husband has his money, WE have a bit of money but now I (that is me - ordinary, working class Chrissie)don't have a little bit of cash to buy my chap a birthday gift just from me. Sounds silly but its sad.

You keep doing what you are doing!
Love chrissie x

2. At October 10, 2008 7:38 PM Marmite Girl wrote:

Hey Jeni

That happened to me once, going back to Wales, missed the 10pm train I was booked on and had to pay an extra 98 to go home on the empty 11pm train! All because I was honest, made me mad and spoiled a lovely day out in London.

Heck that was such an act of kindness, who on earth wouldn't think so? I read this somewhere "be kinder than you need to be, everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle" it's a rule I live by.
Hope you and Jim have a wonderful weekend
Much love Marmite xx

3. At October 10, 2008 9:54 PM christian wrote:


I think you should invite Sir Richard Branston on the show. He should then explain what is going to be done about his staff, who are obviously relatives of Hitler.
I think he should give Mr Wriggleswade a contract.
He should give the 75 yr old lady a life pass of rail travel (1st class.)
But I bet he doesn't show
Christian x

4. At October 10, 2008 10:25 PM Adrian Appley wrote:

Hello Jeni,
I cannot always listen to your show as I often play bridge but if I had heard the story about the pathetic Jobsworth who made the elderly lady pay an additional fare for getting onto the wrong train I would have had my say. He is fortunate it was not me because I would have recorded the conversation then refused to pay and challenged Virgin over this. Mind you, I would not be on a Virgin train at any rate because I see the Virgin group as a load of rubbish. My Virgin [NTL]phone line went dead on 3 June 2007 and since that time they have made NO attempt to fix it. I went back to BT.
No, it is not begging but, indeed, a wonderful act of kindness that is rarely seen in Britain today. The kind lad should have his gesture acknowledged although I am sure the Jobsworth would prefer to see him imprisoned. Don't you just hate these nasty vindictive types ? I bet most of them were bullied at school. If they weren't they certainly deserved to be.
Look after Jim,
Adrian from Bromley.

5. At October 11, 2008 3:59 PM Kirsten wrote:

Hi Jeni, yesterday's programme was wonderful. Listening to all the stories of RAKs made cynical me shed a tear. And I'm sorry, Betty the pensioner, of course what Tom did for the lady on the train wasn't begging. Maybe Jeni, you could suggest to the suits at LBC that RAK stories should be a regular feature, for example one Friday a month? We all need to hear more good news at the moment.
Hope you gave the Old Git a big kiss & a cuddle last night & that you're having a great weekend.
Kirsten x.
PS When you do your nationwide tour please, please include Kent - Maidstone or Bromley would be perfect! (I don't drive so they're the easiest places for me to get to!) Thank you in advance!! :)

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