Monday blues.

Posted by Jeni in TV presenting | 13 October 2008

croaky voice, credit crunch

felt quite queasy all through lunch.

Lots of calls helped me out

I whispered, spoke and tried a shout.

Drunk my tea, listened more

At 4.15 was out the door.

Shopped for meat

Cooked it down

Made Bee laugh

Made Jim frown.

Now its really time for bed

Nice clean pillows for me head

Time to sleep, to dream and snore

then I'll be there from one till four.

do join me.

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1. At October 14, 2008 9:43 AM Marmite wrote:

So Monday came round
Both feet on the ground
I started my diet AGAIN
But the pressures of ďcrunchingĒ
Made me start muching
Had 4 choccie bickies by ten

Lunchtime was one
Thought soup would be fun
But went straight for the chips and the curry
The clock got to three
Thatís snack time for me
But yoghurt is healthy donít worry

I worked late you see
So got Pizza for tea
Washed down with a bottle of red
So no need to fret
Itís not UK debt
But my waistline thatís growing instead

Keep those chins up my lovely
Marmite xx

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