Posted by Jeni in LBC | 4 March 2008

I don't play football so I don't know the penalty rule.

I do drive, however, and for parking outside my pals house in Ladbroke Square I was penalised for parking without a ticket.

The ticket, that cost me 3.00 was place firmly on my dashboard. The draft, as I closed the door, sent the flimsy ticket to the floor.

Two hours, a cup of coffee and two Duchy original shortbreads later my pal peeled the parking ticket off my windscreen.

I now await my appeal.

Penalty, smenalty as long as you love your traffic warden.

If I have to pay a fine I will thcream and thcream until I'm thick.

I have eaten home made chopped liver so I feel a little queasy.

I have hoovered the bedroom rug and moved it under the bed as I have tripped over it three times in the last three hours.

I have hugged the dog.

I have hugged the husband.

I have hugged the roomies.

I have made arrangements for tomorrows funeral.

I have laid to rest todays programme which was so speedy my producer nearly caught fire.

We shouted about hospital parking - a disgrace.

The Proms - an outmoded institution?


And I had a wonderful chat with Dick Kirby, an ex copper who has written a disgustingly readable compendium of 29 stories about VILLAINS.

I interviewed a life coach, and we talked about change and more change.

I have now changed into my pj's.

I have chosen my vegetarian meal for my take away.

I have agreed to watch Hotel Babylon.

I have given up on running it's too late.

I have discovererd a little of Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill - wonderful.

I have turned off the heating and turned on the husband!!!

I have enjoyed today.

I have collected the mail from the mail box and now

It is time to settle down and recoup for 2morrer.

have a peaceful night.

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1. At March 4, 2008 9:26 PM Tessieh wrote:

Oh Jenny how I love reading your blog, it makes me smile everyday !

I am trying to summon up the courage to start one myself, but not sure I could do it justice.

who wants to listen (?) to the rambling thoughts of a 40 something mother of two teenage girls who leads a relatively quiet life ?

I think the joy of your blog and indeed your show is the honesty with which you talk and open up to us all.

I loved you on GFL and I am so glad you have found a home on LBC - thanks for being you

A belated happy 21st to BB, my baby is 18 this year - how is that possible I am only 22 myself !



2. At March 4, 2008 11:18 PM Marmite Girl wrote:

Hiya Jeni

Belated Birthday wishes to BB, big hugs to you and Jim (Ibsen? that's hard that is!) and hugs to Jackson, a note for Christian you were right I got called for a second audition this week, if I get the part I'll be off to the USA to do The Importance of Being Earnest! (other things permitting)and a note to Kirsten, I know it's hard but stay positive that disease feeds on pessimism.

Loving the blog as always Jen and the show. I'm off to Vegas friday and if I win big I'll get you back on telly where you belong if it's the last thing I do!!!!
Lots of love
Marmite xx

p.s Not that I watch it but the clips advertising it are all over the telly but has anyone else noticed how all of a sudden they are having 2 guest chefs on market, wonder where on earth they got that idea from could it be the popular GFL??????

3. At March 6, 2008 3:02 PM Kirsten wrote:

Hi Jeni, listening to you at the moment & enjoying it very much.
Belated birthday wishes to BB - have you all recovered from the celebrations?!
Hope Jim's having a great time. I'm a big Ibsen fan - I saw Hedda Gabler with Eve Best a few years ago, it was fantastic!
Thanks Marmite, you are so right about being positive & I'm doing my best. Good luck with the audition & have a great time in Las Vegas.

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