Hey Ho The Wind and the Rain

Posted by Jeni in LBC | 10 March 2008

The weather.

The wind and the rain, the sleet and the rain, the clouds and the rain.

Nobody felt the need to call in and have a hefty chin-wag, because of the weather, Steve and I agreed most people stayed at home in bed, head under the covers just listening to me churn on and on and on!.

But we had a fabulous moan, and a chat about our generation of bad mannered kids until River emailed and reminded us what lovely children we have in this country, and all was right with the world.

We also talked about Delia and her cheap cooking. I have in my possession a shepherds pie in a white casserole dish, courtesy of M&S, assembled with all pre-packaged ingredients. It's the in the fridge because I'm being taken out to supper, it'll have to wait until tomorrow. But the idea of tinned lamb, one of Delias staple ingredients, is about as appealing as cold fried egg and day old chips.

I went to THE FUNNY WOMEN gig on Saturday night. I had no idea how many people were listening to LBC. It was heart warming. Yonni, a strikingly sharp singer from Berkshire, collared me and flattered me till my ears waggled.

Oh! The wind and the rain on Sunday did not help my deaf ear. It's all very well people having a go at me for wanting to be treated immediately by NHS direct, but I've never been deaf before, never used NHS direct before, and the frustration at not being able to be treated on a Sunday rammed home all the arguments about not enough money being ploughed into the Health Service.

3.3billion spent on two wars that nobody wants, when we could have all our money put to good use instead of blowing up piles of sand, and people, for no apparrent reason.

I've got my hearing back now, thanks to my Hopi candles and my husband who had to deal with my momentary insanity.

Hopi candles, for those of you who are interested, are tubes that go into the ear, are set alight, the heat travels down the eustacian tube and helps clear the debris. Both ears are done to keep the body balanced. Thank heavens for the Hopi Indians. Today the joy of hearing again.

I am delighted that my Barnett Bloggers are supporting each other in their health challenges.


and big hugs to the rest of you.

I'm off to Lavender Hill to eat with the mob.


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1. At March 10, 2008 10:13 PM Fee wrote:

I know it's a cliche Kirsten but take one day at a time, easy to say I know. Lots of hugs.

OK a joke I heard from the radio (oops not LBC) to cheer us all up in this tedious bleedin awful weather.

Me: Name three fish that begin and end in K

You: Dunno

Me: Killer shark, king sized haddock and Kilmarnock

You: Kilmarnock?

Me: Uh huh

IT'S A PLACE!!!!!!

2. At March 11, 2008 10:52 AM Glenn wrote:

Hi Jeni!

Zapping last night and saw you on BBC3 briefly in your studio at LBC. How nice to see you!! And your environs there at LBC.

Spooky, though, I'd just read your blog and there you were on the screen!

That's it - have a great day and I hope those folks in London pick up their phones...the bit I heard yesterday was like pulling teeth! Good that you've got the gift of the gab...:-)

love from Hamburg,


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