No rest for the wicked

Posted by Jeni in LBC | 21 January 2008

I did not get to sleep until this morning. The reasons were many and various.

On todays show my top story was less than well received - I discussed January 21st being the most depressing day of the year and comely cures for my insomnia.

My new headphones made me feel sick, by the time James and Petra arrived for their drive-time show we had discussed foreign language instruction for the under fives, a new website for ginger folk called and clever pets. I was completely wasted.

Tomorrow is another day; January 22nd. I have bought valerian drops, lavender oil, bedtime tea and rice cakes. If I don't sleep tonight I shall book in for a lobotomy.

Sweet dreams and culotl8ter.

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1. At January 23, 2008 1:45 PM anthony wrote:

Hi. Just reading your blog for today and noticed the bit about "Foreign Language" for under 5´s. We live in Spain with our six children. Have lived here for nearly two years now and when the kids started at school the ones that found it easier to pick up were the little ones.. at the time, 2 of them were under 5 and in our local school.

After a year, they were both fluent. I think that any other language should be taught as young as possible.

Here they start teaching English from 5 years old and the children seem to really enjoy it and they´re not bothered if they do get it wrong as no one laughs at them. I can remember learning French at school from 11 and there was always a fear of getting it totally wrong.

The younger children don´t seem to be bothered by that at all and if they do get it wrong, they just keep having another go!

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