The Last Sunday But One

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 13 January 2008

I had it all planned out. I was going to Jim's penultimate perf. of the panto then drive home and write me blog. But my car got broken into.

I cried more tears than the crocodile, but was comforted by my never-to- be-seen next door neighbours who materialised at just the right time.

The robber smashed my quarter light and took my purse. It had my switch card in it, about 15.00, but it also had my little wallet with my Oyster card, my Bafta card and three lovely little pictures of B.

That made me cry.

My next door neighbour used to be a naughty boy and couldn't understand why the tea-leaf hadn't taken my cd's, radio and cheque book. We came to the conclusion that the villian was an idiot, obviously in need of hard cash. I fell more sorry for the burglar than I did myself.

After a slow, wet drive up the A12, my quarter light all gaffered up and vision impaired, I arrived for the last ten minutes of the panto, just when Demon Nightshade turns into a simpering goody. Then it was hot potatoes and sarnies with the cast after the cod panto put on my the crew from 'The Queens.' It was good fun.

I followed Jim's car, in the pouring rain, over the Queen Elizabeth Bridge, down the M25, off the A21, onto the A26 and into East Sussex. Jim and I got home by 1.o'clock. My eyes were puffy from crying and he was exhausted from panto. After hugging the hound we crawled up stairs and fell asleep immediately.

Saturday was a series of tidy up calls to the bank, garage, London Transport and Bafta.

I then made the best fish stew this side of Barcelona, with cream and cumin, Barramundi and tiger prawns. So yummy that, as I write, my mouth is watering.

Whilst waitig for the return of the Pantomime Baddy I watched 'About a Boy' with Hugh Grant, and cried so much at the family scene at the end that I decided once and for all I was going to insist that Jim and I lived together. Yeah and pigs might fly.

My washing machine is still broken at the flat so I did all my washing and ironing at home. Very enjoyable listening to re-runs of Womans Hour.

After too little sleep, and too little time with the dog and his master, I left the cottage just as the daughter arrived. she and Jim are doing something for her university work.

Got to the flat in time to drop off my laundry and get to LBC for the last, but one, food programme. It was interesting, we talked left overs and wastage. Had a conversation with a fun woman who runs a boutique hotel for dogs and feeds them home made doggy food. Had the chef in from 'Kill it, Cook it, Eat it.' and debated whether to become a veggie again. But Michael Moore came in, a wonderful, big, black chef, with a ridiculous sense of humour and a fantastic turn of knife and phrase. He has a restaurant in Blandford Street, North London which I shall be attending very, very soon.

The drive back to the flat was easy although its still very dark at 5.30. WE NEED MORE LIGHT IF YOU DON'T MIND GOD. Thank you.

Back to the flat, wrote LBC's blog and felt the need to re-connect with you lot.

I hope you all are well.

Last week was big, heavy and the steepest learning curve so far.

No complaints, I'm told it gets easier the more you do. Of course it does but the inside of my head feels like St.Pancras Station.

It's off to my bedroom now to put on my newly laundered sheets, that's on the bed not me, change into my pj's, a quick hit of Corrie and then a catch up with some reading.

My God but we're mid January and I've seen Jim 4 times. The actor's life for me? I don't know, I think I may just call up Mrs. Worthington to see what she says!

Have a lovely night cul8tr.

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1. At January 13, 2008 8:11 PM judi4 wrote:

Dear Jeni, Fancy leaving your purse in view, and what a faff getting all the cards cancelled etc. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you about old Jackson, as you haven't mentioned him for ages. Is he ok, and still on the brown rice? I hope so. Kirsten, I hope you're ok? Loads a luv xx

2. At January 13, 2008 10:52 PM Fee wrote:

No Corrie tonight Jen, they've changed it to an extra one on a Friday.

I'm listening to your podcasts, great stuff. I loved the bit about ironing knickers, I used to laugh at my mam doing that, now I do it too. Not socks though. I know what you mean about enjoying it, we must be getting old!

Have you read Dead Air? I sent it to you ages ago when you first got the radio gig, but I now can't remember who it was by. It's about a presenter on a London radio station who lives by the river (but on a houseboat). His life is out of control - not that yours sounds it mind you. Try it - it's good.

You're doing great on your show Mrs - keep on keepin on. And your marriage will last for even longer if you don't see each other that often.

Love to all the other BBs

3. At January 14, 2008 11:47 AM Sue Campbell wrote:

Jeni - so sorry about the theft from your car. You don't need me to tell you what not to do so I shall give you a big, imaginary hug instead! I'm glad, for your sake, you have only one more Sunday to do as you need some proper rest, even though it is great for us and even better for your bank balance that you are on radio 6 days a week! Take care, Prestwich Sue

4. At January 14, 2008 12:18 PM chrissie wrote:

Hi Jeni,
We will celebrate your last food programme with you. What a success that has been!
Me and him are both mongrels. Him French/Swedish/Yorkshire, me English/Irish/Indian and I could sing "The Yiddish Babysitter" in Yiddish before the age of 6! So we enjoy every festival from any place, any religion and we love haggis.
Thanks for Friday!
Love and a hug
Chrissie x x

5. At January 14, 2008 1:11 PM David wrote:

Sorry to hear about your break-in Jeni, it's a real pain and has happened to nearly all of us. Sad about the pictures of B, they can never be replaced, I wonder what the thief did with them? they might just turn up when you're next walking Jackson around the lanes, hope so. Take care DG xx
PS. Just had a e-mail from UKTV Food advising me that Market Kitchen will move to a new time slot from today 'WOW' If only they knew what my reply could have said!!!!

6. At January 17, 2008 1:36 PM Kirsten wrote:

Hi Jeni, so sorry about the break-in. It's definitely the loss of personal things that hurts the most. I'm enjoying listening to you during the day. Hi judi4, thanks for your kind words. The first 5 days after the chemo were not pleasant, but I'm beginning to feel human again!

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