I'm not as thissed as you pink I am

Posted by Jeni in Announcements | 19 December 2007

There's only so many parties you can go to before your toes curl up like dried toast.

Monday's do was all Shoreditch and Chardonnay.

Tuesday's do was all Bloomsbury and Bubbly.

Wednesday's do is all Wandsworth and Wallop.

Thursday''s do is all Battersea and Boozy.

Friday's do will be all Green Park and Gluttony.

Saturday's do will be all Sussex and Spumante.

Sunday's do will be all Tea and Sympathy.

And then some.....

It's 4.40 on Weednsday moaning, the river looks flat and glassy, my colon is fat and gassy and my bedroom has been drinking.

I know it's at the end of the hall somewhere, forgive me if I go looking for it.

yes dear bloggers, as always I am toe-teetle.

good morning.

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1. At January 4, 2008 7:25 PM Elizabeth wrote:

you rock, girl! only discovered you today after i heard you're going to be 'doing' dear alison's hours; decided to check you out on the website and haven't stopped laughing out loud as i read your blogs through and, like i said, YOU ROCK! my weekday afternoons are saved!
'See' u on monday.

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