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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 16 December 2007

Green fingers? Green food? Green Christmas’?

That’s what we talked about on todays show.

LUCY SEIGLE terrified the life out of me. Having to remember to shop without plastic, and then put your food into jute, not plastic bags, and to shun air miles and the carbon footprint, to locate and source all your ingredients which should be seasonal and local and to scream every time you see a shrink wrapped coconut.

There’s a lot to remember and a lot to think about but if we don’t ALL take some kind of responsibility who will?

Anything that Lucy talked about from ‘wedges’ to ‘compost’ will be on

ED BAINES joined me and sung the praises of bicycles, string bags, duck and stollen.

He insisted that we stopped GLUTTONY, ate less, cooked less, and reiterated Lucy’s plea that we shopped locally otherwise we would all be living in CLONE TOWNS , and we don’t want that do we?

An anonymous e-mailer said we sounded like a couple of fruitcakes, organic I hope.

TOP TIPS: Pour boiling water over your duck before cooking to release the fat. Turn your oven on 10 minutes before you cook. Use the right size pan so that energy is not wasted. Use LED lights for your tree. Share your food. Stop being a Pig. And if you need to buy the best mince pies in the world you could do worse than Prince Charles', Duchy Originals from AS NATURE INTENDED.

There we are, Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat, please put your plastic in the old mans hat.

This morning I left the cottage at 10.00. Packed my little red car, turned on the ignition. Nothing. Jim dragged on some clothes and being the man that he is, determined in 3 seconds flat, that the battery was as dead as a Dodo.

I didn't need him to tell me that.

So we unpacked the little red car, loaded up he Jackmobil and I set off in the freezing cold to London.

I had 1 bag of salad, a packet of Ryvitas and 2 avocados, 2 bags of books -which travel with me everywhere - 1 bag of childrens Chistmas presents that need posting before Wednesday, and a big bag of my running gear. My ankle is on the mend although it's highly unlikely I will be runnig this side of 2008. The books are always being pawed, and at the rate I'm going the food wll be eaten by tomorrow.

The cold makes me hungry. I've eaten 1 of the avocados,in front of 'Strictly Come Dancing', a mug of mushroom soup in front of 'Corrie' and a pack of macaroni cheese in front of the computer. I found the pasta in the freezer, it was disgusting. I didn't buy it my 'nearasdamnitson' must have had a moment of madness.

Owing to the bad weather conditions I am sporting a pair of pink, green and blue woolley socks, red and grey striped pyjama trousers, a grey t-shirt with ARMY emblazoned on the front ( a cast-off from the kid ) a blue woollen cardigan and a big red scarf, now that's some kind of fashion statement! I have a red hot lavender pillow, straight out of the microwave, stuck to my neck, and I have also turned the heating up full.

I've yet to decide what to eat in front of Judy Dench and Imelda Staunton that won't put their sniffy 'Cranford' noses out of joint, maybe some Ryvita with a spread of butter topped off with some 'Guinness' infused 'Marmite'.

The munchies are a direct result of tiredness. Last night I retired at 1.30, was up at 6.30 to wave B off, cook Jackson's rice, turn on the Christmas lights, plump up the cushions and gather together my belongings for the return to the flat.

Along with little sleep, the cold temperature and the above show I am wilting.

But now for the news.

When I turned my ankle I had time to think and reflect. After cancelling all my appointments I lay on the settee and reviewed my life. 'More than doers we are deciders, once the decision is made the doing is easy.' Thus sayeth the Vikings back in the day.

Well I decided that whilst I love my cottage, losing the flat would be too traumatic SO, I put my faith and trust in the invisible world, and meditated like a Himalayan Yogi.

Day after day I visualised this and conjured up that.

Day after day I put a picture in my mind of the perfect scenario.

Day after day I gradually let go of my infernal need to become the sacrificial lamb and decided that I was allowed to keep the flat, have the perfect job, make tons of dosh, have the ideal family and live to see Spurs kick the 'howsyourfather' out of Arsenal.

The result is that I am keeping the flat on for another year.

I will annouce the new job all in good time, but rest assured that I will be carrying on my schizophrenic existence for at least 6 months.

I've decided I am going to push the boat out by having a cup of tea, some chilli chocolate and another ice pack on my ankle. How the other half live eh?

I will keep you posted on all and sundry but right now it's time for that tasty snack, my date with Dame Judy and then bed, as I'm sitting in for Alison Bell tomorrow, on LBC 1-4.

So its goodnight from me and goodnight from the Big Smoke - lovely - .

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1. At December 17, 2007 9:58 AM Anonymous wrote:

Ooooooh, jeni. I am so happy for you. Thats great news about the flat. I know how you struggled with the prospect of giving it up. Well done Lady.
As to work. Thought that you might have some real good news in March but seems like things could start moving sooner than that. Now all we have to do is work on a film version of “The Labyrinth” with good parts for both you and Jim. Use our place In Carcassonne as digs so we might get to meet you!!!
Weird about your car battery though. The same problem for us, on Friday outside the print shop in Hampton Court. We had to buy a new battery for £85. The guy said we could have a cheaper one but that might only last a couple of years. We’ll hang on to this car till the doors fall of so we got the heavy duty one.
Watched Dame Judy on Parky last night. Shes always good but I hated the outfit that she obviously didn’t feel comfortable in. Love Billy Connolly.
Love and a hug
Chrissie x x

2. At December 17, 2007 11:46 AM Fee wrote:

Hi Jeni

It was a great show yesterday, you and Ed make a lovely couple. I'm sure Jim wouldn't mind if Ed was your London husband? Go on be good to yourself....

Joking apart (who's joking says Jeni?) I thought it was very thought provoking, and you've got your links sorted now like the professional you are gurrll.

The thing is when we were young (used to lick t'road clean with me tongue and all that) the shops were closed for about 4 days and you had to stock up with loads of stuff, now they're closed for about 3 hours - so why the panic? It's madness innit.

I'm so glad you're keeping up the flat, I thought you'd miss it and London if you left, all that schlepping if you needed to go up to town. And for us Barnett Bloggers, we do enjoy the London chat and travelogues from the number 19 bus.

Keep on keepin on Jen
Love Fee xx00xx

3. At December 17, 2007 12:46 PM Fee wrote:

Sorry forgot to say, you might get all your wishes - fab job, the Waltons as a family and win the lottery, but Spurs will very rarely get the better of Arsenal (and I'm not an Arsenal fan).

Sorry to burst your bubble Jen!
Love xxFee xxx

4. At December 17, 2007 2:39 PM Anonymous wrote:

Hi Jeni. Lovely to hear you sounding so upbeat and clearly on the mend. You have cheered me more than you can know. I too want to release being the sacrificial lamb, have my version of perfection and without guilt to revel in the fabulousness that is my family and my life. Most of all I want to stop being afraid all of the time. There, I've said it! Not quite sure why I feel the need to bare my soul, but dammit woman, you have that effect. My very best wishes to you and all the Barnett Bloggers. Love Carys x

5. At December 17, 2007 4:57 PM Judi4 wrote:

Dear Jeni, Glad your ankle is on the mend, and that you can manage to keep the flat for a while longer. I think your fashion sense is just great, at least everything seems to tone with blue!! I,ve managed to do some christmas food shopping today (with my reusable bags of course), but the BIG shop is on Friday, me and the rest of England probably. I go with my friend Linda, who needs one of those motorised wheelchairs to get round, which we pre-book every week, BUT can you believe we can't book this week cos it will be so busy, and they only have the one. We go at 8 am to avoid the crowds, but without the chair we could be there till lunch time. Anyway enough moaning. A very, very happy christmas to you and yours, and all the other bloggers, and a much better new year to all. Lots a luv xx

6. At December 17, 2007 5:37 PM kerri wrote:

Hi Jeni
Just to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and New year. Also to all the Bloggers too! I have to work all over Christmas and New year, nursing never stops, still it should be fun. Take Care xx

7. At December 18, 2007 10:58 AM Marmite Girl wrote:

Dearest Jeni

Loved the show Sunday, seen as I am in Welsh Wales I listen on Sky, didn't arf make me think! Mostly about having Ed Baines wrapped in recycled paper and put under my tree!!!

Really glad you have got some good news on the job front we do miss you - and glad you get to keep the flat.
Keep blogging it keeps us all out of mischief.
love to you and yours
Marmite Girl xx

P.S Thanks for the blog comment Jim - good to know my Welsh lilt comes out in the writing! xx

8. At December 18, 2007 2:11 PM June wrote:

Hallo Jeni

How do you feel now you have made the decision re: the flat in London? Relieved, I bet. It's the indecission that's the hardest.
Well enjoy 2008, London and the flat Jeni.
To Carys, your not alone I too feel afraid/anxious most of the time and I'm not sure why. Is it an age thing? When we are young we are fearless and unstopable but as we age we KNOW the dangers out there.
So New Year's resolution for 2008 BE FEARLESS, I will if you will? Oh and anyone else who cares to join us.
Love June

9. At December 19, 2007 2:58 PM Sara wrote:

Hi Jeni, glad you're on the mend and keeping your flat in the big city. I haven't blogged for ages, been up to my eyes in school cake sales, christmas parties and Shepherd outfits.
A Very Merry Christmas to you Jeni and all the Barnett Bloggers. xxx
(can you keep your fingers crossed for me as my oven has packed up and the not very nice man didn't have a spare part on his van and won't guarantee to mend it before xmas so could be eating beans on toast!!)

10. At December 19, 2007 4:38 PM Prestwich Sue wrote:

Hi Jeni - Great show again on Sunday and also the Monday stand-in. It's lovely that we can at least hear you a lot now, even if we don't get to see you..maybe in the new job later in the year; we shall wait for more news. All the best to you and your family for Christmas and loads of good fortune for the New Year. Also, the same to the other Barnett Bloggers!

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