Buzz Balls

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 23 December 2007

The last Sunday before Christmas.

On LBC we talked food around the world.

We talked puddings and sweets and whale blubber.

MARIA ELIA came in and told of life on a yacht and how to make turkey in a bag. No mess, no fuss but still the aromas of Christmas

REBECCA BURN, tried to pour cold custard on the proceedings, with her nutritional know how, but Id eaten a BUZZ BALL, she could have told me that Brussel sprouts were full of tryptothan to make you happy and I would have believed her.

Im told she did.

Them Buzz Balls certainly do the trick.

HAVE A HAPPY, PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS, and may you get what you need.

Thank you for listening.

Jeni B

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1. At December 23, 2007 11:20 PM Glenn wrote:

Dear Jeni, Dear Freinds,
Wishing you all a very happy and enjoyable Christmas!
Keep buzzing! (And blogging!)

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