Itchy Feet

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 11 November 2007

Thank you for blogging. I hope some of you heard me reading you out on LBC tonight. Thank you for calling in. I actually had a conversation with Chrissie from Carcassone about Toulouse sausages and her preferred method of eating and cooking..

I hope she's having a safe journey back to England. She's in the middle of a three day drive.

And Yes Rob we only had one measly bottle of bubbly at the God parent party because everyone was either cleansing, detoxing, fasting, driving, declaring liver damage or just plain boring. It's pathetic, just you wait until Christmas, if I have to I will drag in a passing stranger or down at least 17 bottles of Bollie on me own. One bottle, I know its a disgrace to us bon viveurs.

Now interaction for this week is simple. WHAT IS THE ONE FOOD THAT HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE?

Next week we are featuring food that has healed you. Food that has taken you by surprise. Food that you have just discovered. It could be a goji berry, or a gargantuan guava. It maybe a sesame seed or a simple soup. Perhaps you have been told to take a foodie supplement that has totally transformed your kidney.

Whatever it is share it with me and I will read it out on air. Loads of you sent in your sausage stories, it was grand.

Tonights show was so much more bearable for me and its all due to Mr. Mitchell. I have been given a new producer. Christian Mitchell is his name. He is 25, and 'on it' as the youff would say.

He shaped the show so that we were able to talk Diwali and eat an Indian sweetmeat brought in by Manju Mahli. Manju has lost so much weight she looked twenty years younger. She told me she lost her poundage from sweating. She went to India to make a 40 part series for Indian TV on cooking ENGLISH, inspired by the 'Goodness Gracious Me' comedy programme. It was very hot in the Indian kitchen, she was dabbed down every 5 seconds by her make-up artist, Manju knew it precisely because she counted. Even though it was very hot she didn't get out of the kitchen and now 800 million Asians know how to bake a shepherd in a pie. She's been asked back to make another 40 programmes. Her most sought after recipe was Irish Stew!

Anjum Anand gave up some of her Diwali Sunday to talk about family food. She revealed that a second series of her flashy tv prog.has been commissioned from the BeeB, you heard it here first, although she didn't know when it would be aired, you'll be the first to know.

The elegant, delicate Monisha Bharadwaj came in and gave us a recipe for her Indian fudge and then did a wonderful mime thing with her digits - making a lantern out of her hands. She is a classically trained Indian Dancer and can talk with her fingers. At least I think she was making a lantern. When she raised her middle finger she may well have been making a classic gesture.

It was lovely to have callers and bloggers, texters and guests, and it was wonderful having a young Christian who smiled at my rubbish jokes and 'got me' - so to speak.

We pre-recorded an interview with Gary Rhodes, it felt like old times without the pictures.

So it's onwards and upwards. Now I feel I am bedding in, as Mr. Lowrie would say - its taken some bleedin' time. But it all bodes well.

I have itchy feet now, not metaphorically, I literally have itchy feet. Maybe there is a super food that one of you can recommend to get rid of the irritation. Come on I'm waiting!

Blog me please.

have a good sleep

and cul8tr.

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1. At November 12, 2007 8:59 AM Chrissie Carcassonne wrote:

Hi Jeni,
So nice to "talk" to you yesterday. You were very sweet about us bloggers. Perhaps we will never meet but you have become a friend of sorts. Thanks.
As for me, well, I just love food. There is almost nothing I will not eat and enjoy so rather than talk about A food that has changed my life, I would rather say that FOOD has changed my life.
I write books about food, (as yet unpublished), I cook every day (apart from the days when its leftovers and I love leftovers) and enjoy finding out about food producers and new products.
Your radio programme is a great addition to the lives of real food lovers so more power to you.
Sunday morning was spent in the garden. Collected a pile of leaves and twigs to burn and then I roast some veggies in the embers of the fire and made a very strong aioli to go with. Smelly bliss! So perhaps garlic would be my choice of food that has changed my life. Didn't know what it was till I left home. Has health-giving properties so perhaps its changing my life without me knowing!
We start our trip home on Friday and will be back in London on Sunday night.
Chrissie x

2. At November 12, 2007 9:25 AM Irene MacKenzie wrote:

Dear Jeni,

I know that when I have been overdoing it on the fatty foods, it upsets my gall bladder and I get a bit bilious. It also makes me REALLY itchy, especially when nice and warm in bed. Perhaps you should avoid all the good and tasty stuff for a wee while and see what happens. I also find that sugary foods can have a similar effect and, most unfortunately, alcohol. Please let us know what happens.

When visiting Glasgow next week, maybe I can recommend a nice place for you to have lunch? This is a great place to eat. Let a local recommend.

Very best wishes,

3. At November 12, 2007 1:41 PM Anthony wrote:

Hi Jeni and everyone else....

Only just started reading your "blog" and must admit have got completely hooked on it. Both me and my wife used to enjoy sitting afterwork watching GFL, so sad itīs now disappeared from our screens. Anyway, we moved out to Spain 18 months ago with our children and after reading the blogs managed to tune in and listen to part of your show on LBC on our satellite yesterday, well until the satellite lost the signal... But heard the section about the English cooking series in India, which I thought was absolutely fantastic.

Food thatīs changed our lives... We both really enjoy our food and eat virtually anything. Since moving to spain, we have ditched the supermarkets and started to shop at local markets and butchers for our produce. One of our favourite things in the winter is Potatoes washed and boiled with the skins on and smuthered with garlic ( loads and loads of garlic, touch of Olive oil and a pinch of salt, whizz it up and there you go!) cut the potatoes in half and just smear the garlic mixture all over.... Not too good however if you have work the next morning!

In the UK we didnīt really think about where the food came from but living here we are surrounded by fields full of fresh veg and now appreciate where it comes from and the time and effort put into producing it.....

4. At November 13, 2007 1:19 PM Sara wrote:

It was 1982, I was a teenager on holiday in Lagos (Algarve). My mum and I took a daytrip on a beautiful old Portuguese sailing boat called the "Bom Dia". We anchored in a sheltered bay for lunch where we ate barbecued sardines and a wonderful salad scattered with a green herb I had not tasted before. I asked the chef what it was and she said "cilantro" which we later translated as coriander. It is now widely used and available everywhere but it wasn't then. That lunch in the sun awakened my interest in mediterranean cooking and sourcing unusual ingredients. My favourite ingredient I wouldn't be without now is Rose Harissa paste from Belazu.It has the most amazing perfume and flavour. (I read recently that Nigella Lawson would like a year's supply of it for Christmas!)

5. At November 13, 2007 7:09 PM The Trail Master - Fresh Olive Oil wrote:

Yo Jeni

Hi PM Anthony you got it right, got to be fresh!! Try two fat toms halved, cut side up, smidge over rock salt, wait ten minutes, drizzle fresh olive oil and Black Gold balsamic vinegar - (google it), go and have a shower and then at last attack with chunks of rustic bread!! Whoaa, pure pleasure!
And, Jeni, yes you're sexy, but don't tell S!, just recovered from the slog to the City, only three weeks ago! Well that was all yummy chocolate, sweaty stuff - mmm!

The Trail Master


6. At November 14, 2007 10:03 AM S wrote:

Dear Jeni, Lemon’s to you Jeni! To pick them from the trees fresh every day whilst living in Greece a small village on the edge of the ocean called Galatas. The Greeks use fresh lemons fresh garlic in 98% of there recipes. I do not know of a recipe that the Greeks do not use Fresh olive oil either these are just a few of the foods that have changed my life as I use these 3 ingredients most days. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to use the radiated stuff here in the UK, as I have not yet to find a lemon tree I can pick here in Somerset. Have a lovely week Jeni, Emma sends her love and misses you on the box like many of us. XX

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