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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 9 November 2007

I ran, I walked, I conkered. I booked a flight to New York for B. I shopped for sausages. I orderd my turkey. I had coffee with my Homeopath. I made an unctious lamb stew with harrisa paste, one bottle of Rioja, turnips, swede, banana shallots, 6 plum tomatoes, 2 skinny aubergines, one whole head of fat garlic, and a seriously big shoulder of lamb. I put it on a low oven. It was done when the kitchen smelt of hot wine and garlic. Jim came home, we watched 'I have got news for you' and 'Armstong and Miller', ate some stew, watched QI, The News and a bit of Johnathon Ross and it's now time for bed. I like the cold air round my knees.
There are more leaves on the lawn there are on the trees. Tomorrow ten of us will be tucking into sausages and mash and onion gravy, based on all your recipes. Three of the guests are vegetarian. One guest is on diet powders so wont be eating anything at all. One of the guests is under two. Three of us will have to devoure 24 sausages. I think I over extended myself.

Never mind we shall go out with a bang-er!

bon nuit. cul8tr

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