Godparent party

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 10 November 2007

1 mountain of mashed potatoes with celeriac, garlic, butter and cream. + 1 sea of sausages, pork, venison and lamb. + 1 ocean of onions cooked in butter and cream. + 1 prodigious pile of peas in butter. + 1 bottle of champagne. + 7 people, 1 baby a cat and a dog. + 1 box of chocolates as a gift. + 0 phonecalls.
= A perfect November Saturday.

How was yours?

night night cul8tr

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1. At November 11, 2007 9:56 AM rhianon wrote:

Cleaned the chapel, then shopped. Had a glass of Jamesons. Arranged Christmas presents into bags ready to wrap, had a glass of Jamesons. Put christmas c.d. on, had a glass of Jamesons. Put the gifts away neatly, had a glass of Jamesons. Sparked out at about 7.30 having had way too much Jamesons!

2. At November 11, 2007 10:23 AM janeyb wrote:

Saturday spent catching up with cleaning and sorting hopefully the last of my Mothers paperwork. The photographs started and put back in their box! Another time another day.
I too have bought a shoulder of lamb and am pondering over how to cook it, I am of late a great fan of slow cooking as it lets me get out and about and it's all ready when I get back. Great.
Today I'm starting to get a little thoughful, it is nearly the eleventh hour of the eleventh day and it is a day I remember my Dad who as I have said before was born on 11.11.11.
He didn't serve in the armed forces during the war as his was a reserved occupation (I think) he was a farmer/butcher. He was allowed to become an auxillary fireman and that is what he did. He went off to Coventry after that was bombed, he went off to Plymouth after that was bombed and then got called to London after that was bombed! I've learnt over the years that he did serve his country and he was on the front line. It was a very dangerous job that he did and I am proud of him today, I also now remember my Mother who died in August as she also served in the Fire Service during the war years (yes that's where she met my Dad).
I'm going to cook brunch, watch the walk past the Cenotaph, cry buckets, go out for the afternoon and hopefully come back to melt in the mouth lamb.
Sorry about that, it all just came out! (keyboard's wet thru).
Bless them all.
Jane x

3. At November 11, 2007 9:25 PM Rob Elford wrote:

Just ONE bottle of Champagne??!

4. At November 13, 2007 10:51 AM Sara wrote:

Went for a drive around the Cotswolds taking in the beautiful autumn colours. Got lost in the Upper and Lower Slaughters and Swells and ended up in Broadway for a cup of tea in front of a log fire. Lovely.

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