From bad to verse.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 7 November 2007

Eighteen ducks sitting on the wall. Sitting in a line, then one gave a call. Eighteen ducks flying off the wall. All in a line, one and all.

Two fat crows sitting on the wall. Eating biscuits, paper and all. Two fat crows sitting on the wall. One flew off when the other gave a call.

Twelve plump seagulls pecking on a wall. Screeching and hollering one and all. Two plump seagulls flew off the wall. The other ten stood and watched them fall.

Six llittle sparrows standing on the wall. Along came I and frightened them all. Six little sparrows hiding on the wall Along came I and ran past them all.

Nine scruffy pigeons sitting on the wall. A-cooing and a-cahing one and all. Nine scruffy pigeons scrapping on the wall. They all joined in the pigeon brawl.

One lonely goose looking at the wall. Floating on the river like a big rubber ball. Along came the gander paddling and all. Two happy geese swimming by the wall.

Off to a place on the Pimlico Road. Posh and organic and dead a la mode. Satish Kumar was promoting his book, 'Spiritual Compass' Well worth a look.

LBC set up a meet. For the new Gary Rhodes' book 'Time to Eat''. He talked about cooking and time manage-ment. Gave of himself then got up and went.

By the time I got home I was knackered and hot. But no rest for the wicked so off I did trot. To catch the red bus to Victoria Station. To take me to town for a planned assignation.

A quick drink in 'Grouchos' the actors club. Where a bloke played the piano like a war time pub. I turned on my phone and collected my calls. Then collected my ticket to sit in the stalls.

I'd seen 'Mary Poppins' on screen, not the stage. Even though its been running for nigh on an age. I honoured my promise, I stuck to my word. To watch an old friend sing 'Feed the Birds.'

I thought the show feeble and weak at the start. But it cleverly wormed its way into my heart. By the end of Act One I was blowing my nose. With the music, the acting, the dancing, the prose.

I could not believe that the show was so good. I'd expected performances made out of wood. I followed the story, did not miss one gag. Whilst my friend fed her birds, for tuppence a bag.

A technical hitch stopped the show mid Act One. The audience cheered when the fixing was done. I spoke to the kids sitting right behind me. They loved it and thought it was really 'frieky.'

My friend bought us supper, I ate like a pig. Then left for my bus, which was bendy and big. Grabbed a cab at the station, didn't mind the huge fare. But my road was blocked off with some carriage repairs.

I walked the last bit, heading straight for my flat. Singing 'Chim Chimenee' to the Thai Restaurant's cat. And e'en though my poem is a little precocious It rhymes, but dont scan with. Supercallyfragelisticexpialidocious.

That's enough for one night. I'm going to bed. With dear 'Mary Poppins' going round in my head. I've had quite enough of the Musical form. I'll switch on the telly and return to my norm.

Keep up with your stories of bangers for tea. I bid you good night from little ol' me. I'll sign off, as usual, my wish can't be greater. than to send you good thoughts and to cu all l8tr.

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1. At November 8, 2007 8:52 AM Chrissie Carcassonne wrote:

Hi Jeni,

I'd like to write something as good as you do but the rhymes don't come easy and the words don't ring true.
Enough that you know best wishes I send. Much love and goodbye. This is the end.
Chrissie x
P.S. You clever girl.

2. At November 8, 2007 4:49 PM Pool Potato wrote:

Most of us got to know Jeni through Good Food live,
it was good to watch at lunchtime and have a good skive,
now sheís gone to pastures new and weíre just left to rue
the unmentionable replacement which (letís face it) is just pooh

But Jeni is fab and writes her blog with vigour and vim,
entertains us all with her tales of Battersea and tílovely Jim,
but now PLEASE we just need her back on the box
so that we can see her and her horrible crocs.
So Jeniís Agent if youíre reading this,
get your finger out, get her a job on the telly
and give us SOME BLISS!

3. At November 8, 2007 8:25 PM Michelle wrote:

Hi Jeni,
Glad to hear you enjoyed HAIRSPRAY, soooooo much looking forward to seeing it with me and the girls on the 21st of December, I have row M too!
Lots of love xxx

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