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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 7 October 2007

Dear Anne, you are absolutely right. The Great Storm was 20 years ago. I should know that because the kid is now 20. I should also know that because I am twenty years older, over the hill and away with the fairies. Of course it was 20 years ago because 1987 is exactly 20 years ago from now. I wrote 'ten' not 'twenty' because I had a senior moment tinged with a blonde highlight. Thank you for putting me right.

Janey, I know foxes can be lethal BUT I have a bit of a problem with a pack of baying toffs jumping over hedges, blowing their horns and holding up their prey not unlike happy slapping thugs. I welcome all your comments on the blog, a short sharp debate never hurt anybody.

Thank you all for commenting. I love reading your thoughts.

This morning the mist hung over the hedges and the sun was fighting to get through when Jim and I left for town. I was in a black mood. It was nerves about the radio programme.

We arrived in London by lunchtime. Jim made me a strong coffee and I set off for the studio. Steely Dan was my chosen sound-track today, very loud, very nostalgic, and very effective at blowing away the cobwebs. I met my new producer Helen. She's been doing radio for 10 years so I am in safe hands.

Ching he Haung came in to talk about the Chinese Moon Festival, a 3,000 year old tradition to welcome in the new season. I was one week out with the date, although the Chinese are still celebrating the arrival of autumn. Ching told us about moon cakes to signify the big round moon and how, on the 15th of every month, her family resist meat as a way of honouring our animal friends; her family are Buddhist.

The wonderful Wendy Cook came in and taught us about biodynamic gardening and, how understanding the past prepares us for the present as well as the future. Wendy wore a panama hat and glowed. She taught us about the word 'disaster'. If you break it down it's DIS- ASTER, or ASTRA. Our disconnection from the stars. Good eh? Although we all have to pull our fingers out if we don't want to be disconnected from our earth as well.

Antonio Carluccio called in and gave us an Italian take on mushrooming whilst we managed to contact Adrian Daniel in the New Forest where he was foraging with his kitchen staff. That's not a euphemism; it was their work's outing to find fungi. Adrian's restaurant, 'THE GATE', is having a mushroom fest this week - from soup to sweet. A dessert with mushrooms - should be interesting.

Alan, a Feng Shui Master, ended the programme by saying that there are two different types of Feng Shui, the kind based on physics and the kind based on superstition. ( alright I admit I'm no physicist.)

The moon featured a lot in the two hours. It's phases, the pull, the shape, the angle, although we didn't discuss the dark side of..... It was a lovely programme helped by your emails and texts, calls and energy. which Alan talked a lot about. Feng Shui means 'wind and water', so a Feng Shui master would help the energy to flow freely in your job, life or home. You can podcast the programme or go to to get all the info.

I cannot pretend I understood everything Alan said but when I asked whether The Bank of England had been Feng Shui'd he wasn't at liberty to comment. So that's a 'yes' then, Alan. All sorts of folk are having their homes and offices seen to - they can't all be bankers!

This evening my husband bandaged his head up as the Invisible Man, took me, all fur coated up, as Cruella De Ville to the end of season fancy dress party at the Globe. I watched Harry Potter dance with Wonder Woman, Carmen Miranda shimmy with a Clockwork Orange whilst I shared my hamburger with 'Thelma and Louise' and Mr. Muscle, who came fully prepared with his yellow gloves and green spray. Cleopatra and my husband had difficulty eating their meat. Cleo's wig got in her coleslaw whilst Jim's bandage was a little too thick to stick his sausage through. In the event he used my litttle Swiss Army Knife to slash a gash in the elasticated bandage which he then unravelled, the better to eat his salad. When the safety clips pinged off the back of his head he abandoned it altogether and ended up, in leather jacket and trilby, looking like Indiana Jones, which was much more attractive than the grubby red-wine tinged crepery he had so gallantly sported.

It's midnight, I am very tired and ready for me bed. Jim is reading in the sitting room, and the dog is being house-sat by Hanna, with Giles, her beautiful ex fiancee. She's kept the ring and we've kept him in the family he's much too good to lose.

I hope you had a lovely weekend; good luck with the coming week.

that's it - sleep well. and cul8er

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1. At October 8, 2007 9:19 PM judi4 wrote:

Hi Jeni, I too keep forgetting your now daily blog, so it was good to catch up with you today. I agree with you about the foxes, there are better ways of killing them (if you must) than dogs!! They are a menace to farmers (I'm a farmers grandaughter) but lets not be cruel about it eh? Lots a love xx

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