The Tempest

Posted by Jeni in Announcements | 13 March 2007

My husband, Jim Bywater, opened last night in The Tempest at the Queens Theatre Hornchurch. I took the 239 bus from my flat to Victoria then the tube all the way to Hornchurch. I haven't travelled underground for ages but I'm just getting into the hang of it again. The seats seem much closer together and the adverts are different. A bloke sat next to me drinking beer out of a bottle. The smell in the carriage was strange but nobody batted an eyelid. The journey was long enough for me to read the Evening Standard, a London newspaper, from cover to cover. That's the joy of long journeys. I only paid 4, off-peak rate. Arriving at 5.45, I was about to jump on the 256 bus when the old man called and said he would collect me as he had an hour before the half.

For non-theatrical types, the half is a 30 minute call before curtains up. We got to the newly renovated theatre and I had a cup of hot water whilst I did the crossword and wondered why I had left theatre for Telly. I must have been mad. Okay, there is potentially more money to be made in front of a camera but when you see the audience, and the whites of their eyes, there is nothing like it.

The audience is a mass, an animal, a living being. You don't get anything like it in a telly studio. The audiences that are bussed in are held up, with cameras dancing, and don't have the staying power or sophistication off a real live theatre audience. This auditorium was full of real folks, loads of Shakespeare-studying school kids, their teachers, actors coming to support the opening night, and me.

The set is beautiful, a globe with a sweeping ramp, the music is haunting, - rearrangements of Miles Davis' 'Scenes From Spain'. Plus there's a cast that included my very, very talented husband. I'm not just saying it, but old Bywater really does do it good. He's so funny and sharp. I laughed so loudly that the kids turned their heads, as one, to the cackling wench in the back row. It's a brilliant night out. Bob Carlton, artistic director, has done a good job. Carol Slowman the MD has done a good job. The actors, including my little ol'e man, do a good job. But he does it better which is why I'm with him. There ain't no way I could share a bed with an amateur, nuff said.

Unless you live in America, Africa or the Sub Continent, I would get on the tube and go and see The Tempest. It finishes at the end of March.

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1. At March 19, 2007 8:23 PM Oosbind wrote:

Thankyou, Petal. I think I can say the same about you.

2. At March 23, 2007 7:15 PM Alison Jones wrote:

Dear Jeni.

I can't believe that GFL has been cancelled, the producers must be absolutely mad.

You have been a very enjoyable part of my life for the last five years and all I feel I can do is to offer my support to you as you are such a lovely person and do not deserve to be treated in such a way.

With my best wishes

Alison Jones

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