All over, save the gravy

Posted by Jeni in Great Food Live | 5 March 2007

Twenty four days to go and then that's it - the show ceases to be.

Of course, it's hard. I'm spending a lot of time not thinking about it but it is the backdrop to my life. Any more clichés and I'll scream. All good things come to an end. You can't expect it to go on forever. It's been a good run. And so on and on.

The truth is I shall miss it hugely, not because I get to read such great books, or meet such great people, but because it has been my life since November 2001 and where am I going to eat so well?

Today we started the week off with bread - I ate far too much for my own good. Paul Hollywood talked about the basic dough and how to pepper it up with anything. Even pepper if you want.

We had pomegranates in everything. Arthur Potts Dawson, a tall, earnest young man who does everything he can in keeping with his carbon footprint, made mackerel (very sustainable) with potatoes and kale (which he gets delivered to his restaurant in an electric car). I loved him and wanted to say 'please come back' but unless he can fit us in within the next 24 days, it's all over, save the gravy.

That's it for today.

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2. At March 24, 2007 3:20 PM Maxine Grochowski wrote:

Dear Jeni
I was absolutely devastated when you announced that there were only "3 weeks to go of Great Food Live". At first I thought I'd misheard and thought you were just breaking for the summer but the following day it became absolutely clear that the show was coming to an end for good. Well what can I say! My husband and I (how Royal does that sound!) watch you every day and every day you make us laugh with your naughty inuendos and slight madness! You really do bring sunshine into our lives and we are wondering what we are going to do without you. The decision taken by the powers that be to pull the show is the worst decision ever made and will, without doubt, have a detrimental effect on the UKTVFood channel - in fact in won't be worth watching as all the rest of the stuff on there are repeats of repeats of repeats and Great Food Live was the most original, amusing, enlightening programme which has given everyone an insight into not only how cooking can be fun but also environmental issues that surround the things we put in our mouths. We hope Jeni with all our hearts that you will pop up again on our TV screens in the not too distant future and once again bring a little light into our lives. We will miss you so much, you are loved by so many. Take care and all the best for the future.

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